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hollow feeling..
 so for the past couple of weeks, ive been stuck at home, i couldent do anything last week because we were on work exp.. me, being the lazy person i am.. did not get work exp.. so i had to spend a whole week at school, if i dident, i would of been in trouble with my rents.. anyway.. last week and this week i feel alone... its probably because i havent had a full face to face conversation with any of my friends (bar one..out of our whole group).. its just made me relise that i depend on them so much to get me through my day.... and i learnt today that we are moving house...ill still be going to the same school (thank god) but ill be living much further away from any of my friends... how could i possibly be happy living further away from them if im not even happy living this close to them and not seeing them..... i dunno.. i just feel like ive missed out on something..

and the girl situation is not helping either.. i have not seen her in 2 weeks.. its killing me, im not ready to tell her how i feel about her just yet, but i just want to be around her, to talk to her face to face... luckily its our friends birthday tomorrow, so we are going to the city.. ill see her then :)

im just sick of being in this house... but i dont want to leave for good... ive lived here all my life... i just need to get out more often, but not for too long.. i just feel empty and alone... hopefully, the second week of the holidays will be more fun... even though im going to our holiday house for 3 days and cant take anyone with me... but ah well... 



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